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      Dripping arrow139-0634-1063
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      Drip Arrow System139-0634-1063
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      PE elbow139-0634-1063
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      PE variable diameter direct139-0634-1063
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      PE variable diameter tee139-0634-1063
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      Soft belt bypass valve139-0634-1063
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      PVC elbow139-0634-1063
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      PE round pipe139-0634-1063
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      Adjustable rocker arm nozzle139-0634-1063
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      Butterfly shaped nozzle ground plug set139-0634-1063
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      Ground plug nozzle set139-0634-1063
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      SMD drip irrigation tape139-0634-1063
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      Inlaid patch drip irrigation tape139-0634-1063
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      Cross atomization nozzle139-0634-1063
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      Colored drip irrigation pipe139-0634-1063
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      Refractive atomization nozzle139-0634-1063
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    —— About Lijian Water Saving

    Shandong Lijian Water-Saving Irrigation Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Luming North Road, Zhangjiawa Sub-district Office, Laiwu Economic Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters. It has a standard steel frame structure workshop and office. Beautiful, Laiwu Economic Development Zone provides good conditions for vigorously developing agricultural water-saving irrigation. 

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    Lijian video display

    The products have covered agricultural field sprinkler irrigation, vegetable and flower greenhouse planting micro-drip irrigation, seedling and fruit tree planting sprinkler irrigation, greening engineering, tap water engineering and other fields.


    Exhibition display

    It has passed the "Irrigation Enterprise Grade Certificate" issued by the Irrigation and Drainage Equipment Enterprise Branch of China Water Conservancy Enterprise Association, and Lijian has successively won the "Director Unit of Shandong Water-saving Irrigation Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance"



    — Lijian News —

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    What is mulched drip irrigation? What are the characteristics?

    What is mulched drip irrigation? What are the characteristics? Film mulching drip irrigation, also known as subsurface drip irrigation, is a new field irrigation method that combines the drip irrigation technology mentioned earlier with mulching planting technology. The difference from drip irrigation technology is that,

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    Water treatment methods to prevent blockages in drip irrigation systems

    The water treatment method to prevent blockages in drip irrigation systems is based on water quality analysis results, and different measures should be taken to treat the water quality of drip irrigation water sources according to the main reasons that may cause blockages. In summary, drip irrigation water quality treatment methods can be classified into two categories: physical and chemical. Physical treatment is the removal of particle size from water

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    Inlaid labyrinth drip irrigation pipe

    The inner labyrinth drip irrigation pipe has undergone technological transformation and now has the production capacity of SMT drip irrigation pipes. The quality is reliable, the models are complete, and the price is favorable. New and old customers are welcome to inquire. Precautions for using drip irrigation tape: Firstly, the pipes and drip heads of drip irrigation are prone to blockage, which requires high water quality, so filters must be installed

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    LiJian water-saving

    Shandong Lijian Water-Saving Irrigation Technology Co., Ltd.

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