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Testing Tools – Part 1

We haven’t thinking any products without testing. Products need many test. Such as cross browser, usability tests, heat map tests, click tests etc. Here is some testing tools that I used.

  1. Survey Tools:
    1. https://www.limesurvey.org/
  2. Online Usability Testing: Loop11
  3. Voice of Customer Analtytics Solutions: iPerceptions
  4. Voice of Customer: Kampyle
  5. User Exp and Market Research: Techsmith
  6. Voice of Users: Mouseflow
    1. Session Replay
    2. Click & Move Heatmaps
    3. Scroll & Attention Heatmaps
    4. Form Analytics
  7. Test your website performance on mobile devices: MobiReady
  8. Test your website with iPhone Simulater: MobiReady.co.uk
  9. EyeQuant: objective feedback on
    web & mobile designs, so you can run smarter A/B tests
  10. Responsive web design checker: Juice’r
  11. Mobile User Testing: UX Mastery
  12. User Testing: IntuitionTests
    1. Right brain test
    2. Eye-tracking test
    3. FAQ and Contact test
  13. First impressions test: FiveSecondTest, Usability Hub
    1. We can test the mockup, wireframe or design. (You’ll start choose a file via uploading.)
  14. Mobile Test: MobiTest
  15. Browser Testing: BrowserStack
    1. Mobile and desktop browsers
  16. Online screenshot Testing: OptimalWorkshop
    1. They’ve youtube channel also it’s so cool
  17. Usability Testing w/ Chalkmark: OpenDesings
  18. Online Customer Experience: ClickTale
    1. Key features
    2. Optimization
    3. Customer
    4. Ecosystem
  19. Fast Memory Tests: Zurb (A fun and easy way to test what people remember on your website)
  20. Find participants
    1. For ux research: Ethnio
    2. Studies or research: FindParticipants
  21. Feedback from different traditional eye-tracking: Feng-GUI
  22. Request Feedback: Feedback Army
  23. Voice of Visitor: Inspectlet
  24. Web Usability Test: GhostRec

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